Wednesday, November 8

I am not a stoned 16-year-old boy (Day Eight)

I am a most of the time sober, thirty-one-year-old mother of three. Whose idea was it that I'd enjoy Super Troopers? That movie is a porno without the porn. You know, trying desperately to follow the supposed storyline, fast forwarding to the good parts.

[Chortle-chortle, snort-snort] Look at that guy with the bulletproof jock.

AWFUL with a capital A-W-F-U-L.

Perhaps I come across as a dimwitted juvenile? I avoid Hollywood blockbusters like the plague, constantly seeking the next indie that pushes society's norms. Which I suppose this one nails, but again, I possess THC free ovaries.

Don't give me a blood test, though.

To whomever recommended this film to me, I now bless you with higher standards.


Julie & Peter said...

Speaking of stoned 16-year-old-boys, NetFlix "Outside Providence". Though our tastes in films tend to vary (A LOT), you might find it amusing. I am digging Alec Baldwin lately and he was hilarious in it. And you just can't beat a movie about stoners in the 70's.

Libra said...

I caanot agree more about SUPER TROOPERS!

Tara n' Josh said...

Try "Everything is Illimunated"..nothing about stoners, just a good indie film featuring the talened Elijah Wood and other unknowns. Promise, it's good.