Tuesday, November 7

Pathetic (Day Seven)

As my daughter gets older she is more and more curious about the various words popping into her ever-developing lexicon. Somehow, somewhere she picked up this all too memorable Valley Girl accent. Fashioned with like preceeding every phrase and that sassy ohmygawsh as well as totally.

Unbeknownst to her, Allie is capable of using said vocabulary totally appropriately, only adding to my conditioned gasp following not everything but a lot of what she says.

Allie: You are like so pathetic.
Me: [in disgust] ALLIE!
A: What does pathetic mean?
M: [after defining] You need to stop that snotty tone of talking.
A: I'm not supposed to call people pathetic?
M: Not to their face.
A: Gil is so pathetic.

Is this really my job? To train these people?

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julie said...

Train away! Your style is brilliant!