Thursday, November 16

I love my NPR (Day 16)

As usual, KUNI fills my kitchen each day with NPRs well balanced news and information, local, national, and international, I find terribly hard to live without.


Who said that?

In addition to the intellectually stimulating discussions on a wide variety of topics, another equally stimulating aspect involves someone in that organization who has the responsibility of picking the segue [thanks, Josh] music.

Whoever that person is, I would like to shake their hand.

While preparing Egan's lunch yesterday, listening to Fresh Air, the talking ceased and on comes the G Love & Special Sauce song Baby's Got Sauce. Instantly I begin singing along, beaming with pride as I salute my NPR and their neverending ability to remain cool. On every level.

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Tara n' Josh said...

"Segway" is a fad scooter. "segue" is a transition into another thing. But you are the one with the Master's degree, not me.