Wednesday, November 15

When all the Sex and the City episodes scattered about the dial (like any of us have dials anymore) are over (Diez y cinco Dia)

The funniest line to date, and I saw it again last night when I somehow fought the clock, forcing toothpicks in my eyelids, drawn to syndicated late night TV like a...[oh insert your own damn cliche here], is in an episode of Scrubs where Turk is describing Turk Night.

He explains to Cox that he watches whatever's on ESPN, when the image we're omnisciently observing is him watching Gilmore Girls and he says:

"Mother's and daughters...they speak so fast but they speak so true."

It's that kind of humor in their writing that has you still laughing way past the scene because they aren't forcing you to. If you're a seasoned TV enthusiast and a constant Student of Wit, such as myself, and appreciate said humor, you get it.

The same episode has Janitor say Hannibaly to JD as he walks by, "Tick-tock, Clarice."

I mean come ON, people! Side splitting, I tell you. A force to be reckoned with, that Scrubs.


Julie & Peter said...

LOVE Scrubs!!! When does the new season start??? Do you know??

Doug & Ann said...

Great show. I can't believe it hasn't been canceled.