Monday, November 6

Unfortunate coffee buzz (Day Six)

The kids were at Capoeira tonight, so Egan and I did a little window shopping on Main. Shit. This isn't good. I stopped in to C o' J, chatted with some locals, got a small, "No, medium" french roast "To go." Shit.

Let the experimentation begin. Not of downers, sleep aides, and ludes. More like how long will I have this blasted energy and at what point in the night will it eventually wear off.

As I've gotten older I've learned, unfortunately, the hard way how anxious I become when having drank coffee past some ambiguous hour. Because, see, I don't KNOW the hour. Sometimes I have coffee at 4, like today. Sometimes I have coffee at, say, 9. PEEE EMM. And that particular night I went to bed just fine. But the four o'clock bevie kept me up All. Night. Long.

And to be quite honest, this whole Post a Blog Every Day for a Month gig is wearing on me. And we're at day SIX. If I wanted to write about stuff that could TOtally incriminate me, destroy relationships, TOtally piss people off, perhaps I would. But see, I do have restraint. See it? I'm restraining. Even though my beloved is convinced I'm all self indulgent and shit with this blogging nonsense, I'm not as bad as some. And some are BAD.

And then others are so phenomenal I'm all, how'd you do that, dood?


'And' seems to be the transition of the night.

This is what you get with stream o' c with this one, I suppose.

Will my true crazy come screamin straight atcha tonight? I mean come ON, people!

I think there's a chemical reaction between the coffee and the couple-few beers I've consumed tonight.

A reaction that now requires two parts nicotine.


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mamafitz said...

hey, it's been fun reading the stream o' c (sometimes it IS hard to follow. ~G~). you could always post something like "i picked my nose this morning".