Tuesday, February 27

They're like sponges, those kids

Following a howl from the hound (aka Daisy) outside, I hear the unmistakable voice of my 20-month-old, tucked sweetly into bed for the night, shout from his crib:

Quiet, DAISY!


IowaJasper said...

The three Jasper boys used to yell at each other to "shut up" when the other was being loud during the night. I'm certain they still do, but I recall this when Skeeter was about 20 months as well. I'm surprised I didn't hear worse profanity out of their mouths with a mom with a mouth of a sailor.

Tara n' Josh said...

Brady her own version of, "Scoots, GET DOWN". It goes like this, "Dots, DA DA DA". She even points her finger at him. I have to try and watch myself more now. These little ones know so much more than we think they do. Amazing - child development.