Sunday, February 25

Sexism, gender roles, and soup

I'll bet you didn't realize what it truly takes to be a real woman. I sure didn't until this very day. I was under the grave misconception that acquiring one's menstrual cycle commenced the journey through womanhood.



No. Try again.

Child birth.

Close...but no. You're getting warmer.

Preparing your very first Thanksgiving turkey?

Wow! We're getting super hot now!

I'll throw you a bone. Lord knows I know where to find one.

After three months of cryogenetically preserving the remains of my very first turkey, I followed the traditions of my MIL by not wasting a single morsel of meat. How? I boiled the remains, cleaned the meat off the bones, returned it to her very own stock, added some veggies and brown rice, and VOILA!

I am now a woman.

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