Tuesday, February 12


Have you ever reused a coffee filter?


Kristi said...

No. What happens??

Anonymous said...

Why yes, I have! In a pinch you gotta do what you gotta do! If it means the difference between coffee or not in the morning, I say whatever it takes! I've also used a paper towel instead of a filter. In a pinch.


Brash Lion said...

I have! I recommend leaving it to dry overnight and then shaking out the dry grinds. If you're looking to re-use right away, I guess that's your call!

Meg said...

Absolutely. Coffee is a need not a want. Especially when camping this is a common problem

Just remember to think about it ahead of time and air out the filter you have. (after a quick rinse)
Depending on the brand you can use it up to 4 days.

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Anonymous said...

Em, what about something like this?
I used one for ages before getting the grind & brew style coffee pot.


Or, on Amazon, there are also Hemp filters



Jennifer said...

No, seriously. I can't stop laughing at Meg's comment.