Wednesday, February 6

The growing vernacular of a 2.5-year-old

I realize I am often contributing to this blog only the funny things or happenings - or goings-on, if you will - of our dear Egan. Many readers most likely question my commitment to my other two, also adorable, equally intelligent, children. Right now, however, Egan provides us with some pretty funny lines and exclamations that only a very verbal 2-year-old can deliver.


As Allie and Gil are rough-housing in the playroom, and Egan is attempting to retrieve a toy from the toy bins



Your typical non-Tuesday or Wednesday evening in the Taiber Kitchen

Egan: Mom! Mom! Hey MOM!

Me: Yes, Eegs.

In his high-pitched, sing-song, persuasive voice, turning his head slightly while maintaining perfect and squinty eye contact

Egan: Please, I have olives?

Me: Not now, Egan. You can have some after dinner.

[You: What's wrong with a couple of olives before dinner?]
[Me: Three words - 1) Boun 2) Da 3) Ries.]

Egan: Oh COME ON, Mom...


Allie attempting to help tidy the kitchen, enlisting her not-quite-as-eager 2-year-old brother as Helper

Allie: Egan, go put your shoes in your cubby.

Egan: Allie, no I can't becuss these MY shoes, but they not YOUR shoes, or MOM'S shoes, or GIL'S shoes becuss I wear them but they only MY shoes but not boots...


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Anonymous said...

Good times, good times...He's a dickens that Egie!!! Those 3rd borns are somethin' else I tell ya.