Friday, February 22

It's official

The fact that my thesis paper is due in two weeks, and I have struggled over three hours for but a page and a half, has me feeling a wee insane. I've pleaded with my kids to give me space and stop surrounding me as they read aloud each word as I type.

Allie:'s that word, Mom?

Insurmountable interruptions resulted in a scream at the top of my lungs, straining my vocal chords similar to when I was a tantrum-throwing adolescent myself. I read somewhere that it's ok for parents to shout in general and not directly at anyone. You know what happens when you do that? Everyone magically disappears!


Julie P. said...

i've tried that. it doesn't work on a 20-mo-old. but it works if you want to make your husband disappear!

Anonymous said...

Emily, love the "it's-ok -to-yell-in-general-but-not directly-at-anyone" theory. Um, i wrote that parenting book, hahaha. In Miami, leaving for Bolivia in 2 days, thinking of you, call already.

D&Z said...

Hope it's going better today- I remember writing those dreadful papers-what is your thesis on anyway?