Monday, February 18

When I knew the series was getting real good

Do not watch unless:  
  • You've seen it
  • You don't plan on seeing it
  • You don't mind spoiling a plot line 

I love A & E for playing The Sopranos on Sunday nights. Same goes for when I've caught Six Feet Under. It's like tuning in the radio not knowing what song will come on next.


It's like setting your iPod on shuffle.

For my sister - and everyone else who loves the Fishers.

Same caveat as above.


Anonymous said...

OK, Sopranos, yes, great, but you just inspired me to YouTube the SFU last 6 minutes...good stuff, man, good STUFF. Save it for when you have PMS and let those tears flow!! :) Love it, love it!!! Will there ever be a show as good?


Brash Lion said...

I almost watched the Sopranos thing even though I haven't seen it and do plan on Netflixing the whole darn thing someday. I stopped myself. As for 6FU - it took me 3 viewings of the last episode to actually get invested in that last scene. I thought that song was so cheesy and melodramatic at first!! Now, though I wish there was a better song, perhaps a nostalgic one like Cat Stevens, that montage is a great ending to the best show EVAR.