Monday, March 31

Our goings-on?

An excerpt from a verbally and slightly emotionally abusive e-mail to a supportive friend:

Son of a BITCH! My current Wednesday night sitter is now telling me she can't watch my kids all these upcoming Wednesdays...the ONLY FUCKING DAY I have her here! I have four weeks left of my Wed internship and she's decided to get a new job? I said, "but you have a job on Wednesdays..." I'm burning on this one. FUCK! What sucks the very most is that she's my friend and started this whole fascade by telling me "I won't bail on you, Emily. You can trust me." Really? Can I? Cause I don't right now. FUCKER!

Clearly a touchy subject.

When considering furthering your education as a mother, think long and hard about who you can rely on to watch your kids.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Many happy parts were also included in this e-mail.

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Julie P. said...

i love it when you talk dirty.