Wednesday, April 2

All is well...and then some

For those concerned, I was able to secure child care to finish out my semester. How do I spell relief?

B A B Y S I T T E R.

Now I've entangled myself in a recurring family e-mail discussion on Obama's speech about race and his pastor. This discussion has me successfully procrastinating the remaining 8 reaction papers I have to write on 8 chapters, all due before May 10. Although the intellectuals in my family are encouraging us to not get distracted, many of them continue to abhor Obama's pastor, providing countless links to various news publications while I just continue to get distracted by politically charged e-mails and blogging.

What amazes me the most is how passionate so many of us are, yet we're scared shitless of dealing with the reality that our country does discriminate and oppress and there is valid reason for black-americans to be pissed off. Especially the generation of Obama's pastor.

White privilege will keep blinding us white folks from objectively seeing what we need to. Let's put down those foggy lenses and start paying attention.

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