Friday, April 18

Great feats of accomplishment

I just completed The Greatest Task Known to Mothers Everywhere. We are extremely fortunate to have relatives with little boys just a smidge older than our Egan. This means we get hand-me-downs by the truck load. And good hand-me-downs at that. Damn near designer. Not to mention the clothes we're getting back from my sister that used to be Gil's. I call that Full Circle.

As a mother, clothing organization is my least favorite responsibility, even beyond cleaning. And I H A T E cleaning with a capital H - A - T - E.


I began the process of hiring a cleaning lady! I have battled my SAHM pride of being the sole responsible party for cleaning a household for many a months. And I am so over that.

Just last week I was describing to Jon how ridiculous our big kids' drawers have become. They don't have an exorbitance of clothing. Sure I buy what is needed, but not like I'm boutique-ing and buying designer stuff myself. Well, maybe that's a bit fudged. I enjoy online shopping, ok? I've admitted it before. It's just that Mini Boden has such cute girly and boy stuff it's practically irresistible.

Judge away, dear readers. I can handle it.

So Jon and I are discussing what needs to happen and I explain how we have to get rubber totes. FAST! THE CLOTHES! I CAN'T STAND THEM! He follows with his typical response of telling me how terribly impulsive I am when it comes to such purchases - I defend myself - he continues - I ask if he's up for organizing them himself - he says HELL NO! then asks if I'm ready to start balancing the finances - me: HELL NO! - and we go our separate ways completely satisfied with our somewhat gender-specific household roles.

Not to mention how incredibly successful we are at validating each other's accomplishments. Jesus.

Because Jon is the logical half of my brain, upon completion of the aforementioned daunting chore I am left with four, count them FOUR, giant storage totes. Hrmph.

Fine. I'll be aware of the finances but I still won't be responsible for them.

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