Saturday, April 19

Speaking of cleaning

Is it all too much to pay a woman to clean my son's -or husband's?- crusty urine splatter that cakes my toilet stools?

A gal pal of mine was describing her ongoing battle with said splatter, vowing to never clean that part of the bathroom until someone else notices how disgusting things get at the base of one's toilet. That someone else being her husband. The husband being the only one creating such a mess. The last time she set forth such a challenge, she grew ill. Literally.

I rest my case.


Anonymous said...

Oh, the pain! I am there with you, Sister. What is with this splatter getting all...rusty??? Interesting chemical reactions going on down there by my toilet, but no one knows about them but me of course. Oy.

Anonymous said...

I watched your grandfather replacing a toilet seat once and asked, "Why did the bolts get all green and corroded, Dad?"

He said, "Because we have three boys with lousy aim."

Julie P. said...

so did you find a cleaning lady yet?? i hired a new service who is starting tomorrow!!yaHOOO! 'course my justification these days is the fact that i am just weeks away from giving birth so how can i be expected to lean over and clean a crusty urine-splattered toilet? and p.s. my son's not potty-trained yet so we all know who the splatter-culprit is in this house. yet has he ever cleaned the toilets? i doubt he ever knows where to find the dang toilet brush.

D&Z said...

hehee! I have a lady clean my house EVERY WEEK! It was a fantastic gift given to me by my grandmother after Charley was born, I will sever my right hand to keep her! -God knows what she cleans in the bathroom, all I ask is that (someone) PLEASE clean up any dookie stains before she comes over!

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