Friday, April 4

Hi my name is Emily and I'm an addict.

I said it. I openly admit that I am addicted to the web and I'm not sure how I can kick it. 12 steps? All I have to do right now is write like 2 pages for an assignment and you'd think I was asked to slit my wrist the right way and rewrite history with my own dripping well-oxygenated blood.

I just allocated the credit cards on Quicken, for chrissake. Jon pleads with me to do that one simple task on a monthly basis and I'm all "I'll get to it, okay?!" Is it procrastination or avoidance? Both? I will find literally anything to distract me from my responsibilities to school at this point, and we all know how much there is to do online. Facebook, blogs, email, shop, shop, and shop.

Oh who am I kidding besides myself. I thought it was because the semester is winding down, but let's face it. I have a written (b)log of my very calculated neglect to scholastic duty.

It always gets done. It always gets done. It always gets done.

Enable me, dear readers. Let's chat!

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change...



Tara n' Josh said...

I am now wasting time myself even though it's Friday and my 6 week grades are due for 120 students by the end if the day...the work always gets done somehow!

D&Z said...

I'm with ya-totally addicted! I could sleeping right now for chrissake!