Tuesday, April 8

Our latest goings-on

It seems this house has been rife lately with warts to burn, poopy pants to change, and athletic injury.

It's funny: when a kid takes gymnastics and they sprain an ankle or twist a knee, a mom can usually visualize the cartwheel or flip that causes such an affliction. But when your kid does capoeira and their moves are all in Portuguese, well, I only speak English. And some Spanish. But that does me no good when I'm talking to Brazilians.

In other news...

While changing Egan's very poopy diaper last night, I opted for a little lecture about how gross it's becoming to change his adult-size, poop-filled diapers. His reaction had me feeling a wee guilty as he very vulnerably gazed up at me saying, "you happy, Mom?" Wouldn't that make you feel guilty after shaming your son?

I took it all back and told him he wouldn't have to poop on the potty yet if he doesn't want to, vowing to change his diaper as long as he needs me to. Then Gil helped out by saying matter-of-factly, "You can't poop your pants in kindergarten, Egan."

Speaking of Gil, remember when I shared the tale of Wartner way back when? According to that post Gil was four-years-old. He is now 6 and the doctor continues to instruct us to come back in two weeks after he scrapes away some magical layer of Gil's warts, insisting "they're too big to burn," all the while reassuring me warts eventually go away on their own.

Really? Tell that to this guy.

After all, I'm not the most consistent Formula 4 applier. I'm only one woman. The last thing I want to do at bedtime is draw out the routine by coating my kids warty knee with salicylic acid. It is better than Wartner and seems to provide that medical sting letting you know something is working.

They're all in bed now. I'm going to pop myself a huge bowl of popcorn, take in a little nightly news, and wonder what kind of goings-on I can look forward to tomorrow.

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Kristi said...

Oh-my-god! Looking at that guy, about made me vomit! I couldn't even watch the whole thing. Mind you, it's fairly early in the morning, but still...good luck with the warts Em!