Thursday, May 29

Classical conditioning

Incessant rain held us captive inside all day today. The big kids were at school while Egan and I remained hostage as thunderstorm after thunderstorm reminded us to not set one foot outside or we might very well be lightning rods waiting to happen, defying all those statistics. After school the kids were strapped to the couch, bound, and gagged allowed to take in a movie. As I was preparing dinner, the theme song from The Hills began.

I know, right? You're all, You know what The Hills is?

Despite our lack of extended cable, I have become privy to our girls out west via our dear World Wide Waste of Time - at least in this house. So yes, I indeed know all about Heidi and her psycho boyfriend who has far too much manipulative control over her; Lauren and her never ending girlfriend drama totally instigated by that adorable yet conniving little Lo; and poor Audrina, always on the outs. It's what I do while I fold load after load of laundry. We've never had so many clean clothes.

In a matter of seconds I wondered: Why in the world are my kids watching The Hills? Where is that coming from? My wide eyes darted around the room, searching for the source. What season? Three is over so it must be either One or Two! But I've only seen One since Three ended and I can't wait to catch up even more with Two! I wonder what's going to happen with Heidi and Brent in Four...

I soon realized it was in the movie they were watching, not The Hills, and began breathing again.


Anonymous said...

i totally hate Spencer. ;)


Julie P. said...

i'm sad to say that i haven't missed an episode of the hills.... but who's brent?