Tuesday, May 27

You know what I kind of love but kind of hate, but love more than I hate?

Walking out of the golf club tonight to catch a group of girls posing for pictures next to my van in the parking lot.

I playfully chided them, only to have each retort, "It's just such a novelty," "You just don't see something like this every day," "[so-in-so] could totally STAND in there!"

I therefore encouraged [so-in-so] to Come! Stand! Enjoy! while my "Crazy Emily" music pumped through our system, completely adding to the affect.

You see, I find it somewhat difficult to be me in a small town. Either you love me or have no idea what my deal is or how to interpret my crazy witch-like behavior. Or I just scare you away. Period. These girls? I'm thinking they just don't know what to do with me. I permeate all compartments of their lives. Plus they're afraid of a hex or a pox I may put on them and their extended bloodline.


Julie P. said...

you do kind-of look like a witch with your long, graying hair

Julie said...

you've got witches in high places, my friend. the wicked witch from the east will soon be there to cheer for your side! let's cast our spells on those daft girls together! hahahhaha