Tuesday, May 13

If it was up to him

Last night Jon called to let me know "an ex-Mormon from Provo, Utah named Heather Johnson was on Nightline talking about her blog."

After he saw the segment, Jon now understands my blog. After 2 years he's finally catching on. I think he's actually getting it. I no longer need to defend myself. Dooce is spelling it out for the rest of us MOMMY BLOGGAAAAAAAAHS.

It's been interesting, the evolution of my blog. Figuring out what I'm comfortable with sharing versus what's tolerated by my family has been a relief. Inspired by fellow women bloggers, I worked it out. This blog isn't about anyone else. I mean, it's about me and my family, but it's more an outlet for me to write about bits of my life relatable to thousands of other moms and family folk all over the world.

My guess is most bloggers have had to deal with this: We start out tip-toeing around the safe stuff. Time goes on and we begin to take risks, inevitably pissing people off who aren't ready for what we're offering. Then there's the validation from friends and family who totally appreciate the creativity.

Jon explained how beneficial the blog could be once I started generating revenue. He continued illuminating the possibilities for higher traffic volume:

You need to put up a picture of your boobs.

Why didn't I think of that?


Kristi said...

Isn't her name Heather Armstrong, or were you trying to conceal her identity?
I definitely feel edited with my blog, especially knowing that most of my family reads it. I know if they knew my true feelings about a lot of shit, I would be the outcast of the family...more than I am already :)
I totally thought when you won that banner, you were going to announce that you were going to start blogging for a living.

Tara n' Josh said...

Haha, Em and Jon. Only Jon would go there with the financial revenue stuff! But Em, you are totally talented enough to write for a living. Go for it. See you SOON, tara
ps..i think everyone just has their own style of what they want their blog to be. ours is pretty much mostly family and to keep family updated. we've thought of starting another one to post our rants and raves.

Amy said...

Hey, I would show my boobs if I made $40,000 a month! I was astounded to learn that after watching that interview. Wow.

Julie said...

works for me! hahahahaha!
i love your header! omg! how did you do that! you guys are all animated! LOVE IT!
you go gurl! like you say...keepin' it real since 1975!
good words! good words!