Thursday, June 26

Summertime goings-on

Hmmm, let's see...the kids are out of school and as much as I love the idea of strapping them down and toothpicking-open their eyes in front of the TV for seven straight hours, something tells me that's just not an acceptable way to spend the summer. Instead of fulfilling my darkest dreams I am choosing to actually spend time with my kids this season.

I know, right?

There has been some extraordinary excitement with the recent weather patterns up here in the Cedar Valley. Not a whole lot to add, except I do believe it's time we all start thinking about our actions and the impact they have on our environment. We don't need to say Global Warming anymore. That term has developed far too much attention. Many in the know are referring to these catastrophic weather events as Global Climate Change. I think we could also start calling it WAKE UP AMERICA! TIME TO CHANGE OUR WAYS! Quit fighting the concept and learn more about it. Do it for your children, your grand children, and your great-grandchildren. Lead by example.

And the jokes about rednecks and their ways of surviving a flood? That's not funny.

[she steps down and continues...]

All three kids and I were signed up and ready to go to the Practical Farmers of Iowa camp. Jon accompanied Allie & Gil last year and they all had a blast learning about organic farming, century farms, and, well, practical farming. In Iowa. The camp was postponed due to said Iowa weather, so we'll be doing that in August now.

I think my favorite part of summer is having the ability to sleep in until 8:30.

Another favorite part of everyone being home for summer is that Allie is old enough to make lunches for everyone. We're not getting more extravagant than peanut butter, honey, and raisin sandwiches, but it's a start.

This week the big kids are flexing their brains at Camp Invention. Otherwise, when they admit to utter boredom - of which I have explained is a state of mind - and mope around the house WITH NOTHING TO DO, this is what I hear:

  • Can I invite a friend over?
  • Can we go to the pool?
  • Can we go to the library?
  • What are we going to do that's fun today?
  • Are we doing anything special today?
  • When do we go to camp?
  • When is my wildlife camp?
  • Can we play on the computer?
  • Can we watch our movies?
  • Can we have ice cream?
  • Can we go on a bike ride? To a PARK??
  • Can we play golf?
  • Can we massage your shoulders and feed you grapes and fan you with palm sprigs?

Egan just turned three and he's quite the fella nowadays. We attempted to force potty training on him as Jon and I both feel tremendous external pressures to get him on the pot. After changing four pairs of wet or poopy undies, we decided to ease up. Why force a good thing? I tend to believe my friends Erik Erikson and Sigmund Freud when they laid the ground work in learning shame and guilt or creating an anal retentive individual.

They're beginning to loosen the straps. I'll be back later.

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