Friday, July 4

About those straps...

It's amazing to me that I am ultimately responsible for these three creatures who look solely to me for nurturing and comfort, a lap to read in, and a consoling ear and warm arms to calm whatever ails.

Right now, however, on this holiday my house is silent with Egan napping, Jon off on a bike ride, and the big kids down the street contributing to the chaos in somebody else's household with already four children under the age of 9. While my dear friend, the mother of the existing four, attempts to get a little work done with six kids bouncing off the walls - or perhaps she too is aware of the effectiveness of strapping down unruly children? - I will let her figure it out as I sit and catch up on my online reads. Afterall, I contribute nil to my bi-monthly book club. I may as well have something to report.

My sister and I were able to pull off a surprise 60th birthday party for our parents last weekend. That was big. Huge. Astronomical. We invited friends and family, far and wide, and almost all invitees showed. About 40 people in attendance. It was great. As Jenny and I lead our blindfolded parents up to the restaurant, said friends and family were waving and snapping photos and videotaping the arrival. It was choice.

Even more choice? My uncle and his partner, Jenny, and I raising hell in downtown Iowa City, closing down a local dance bar and topping off the night by wolfing down a George's gyro.

Although my memory of the evening is a might spotty, my favorite part is my fellow hell raisers standing alongside the bar watching me "keep the beat" to techno and house music while flagrantly dancing into other patrons. Luckily I was in Iowa City and practically no one is willing to go to blows if you're wasted and happily ram into them as they're making out on the dance floor.

Perhaps it is I, when out late with an active cocktail of microbrewed beer, white wine, and Corona bouncing around in my belly like how I picture acidophilus in yogurt, who needs to be strapped down, immobile, and less annoying to fellow bar flies damn near half my age.


Matt & Kimberly & Four Beauties said...

i am laughing...i am picturing you dancing it up in a fellow mother next time you are in town! i'd love to meet up for a cocktail or 2...and show those young bar flies how it is really done.

Tara n' Josh said...

Love it! Party sound like a HUGE success..what a great gift to your parents. What fun in IC. You look so proper in the picture on your blog :) Miss you. Besos to your family.