Wednesday, September 2

Business as usual?

I was checking in with Allie this morning to see how she's doing. Emotionally. While spreading her Nutella on one piece of bread and peanut butter on the other, without hesitation she describes a moment in the lunch line yesterday.

Our neighbor boy announced, "Wow. I can't believe your parents are getting divorced."

Asshole, I thought. I had just informed his mother the day before of the change occurring in our house.

Tears are filling Allie's eyes as I encourage her to continue the story.

We talked about the importance of Talking About Your Feelings and Not Keeping Them Inside. We discussed the members of Allie's support system; formal and informal. It was interesting to me how she labeled mostly formal - doctors, lawyers - as I was really pushing for recognition of informal - friends, family, teachers.

This also brought about the opportunity to talk about standing up for oneself.

"I know you believe in that, Mom. I know how important it is. Can you get the pretzels down, please?"

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