Sunday, January 10


The new ages of my children has me wondering whatever happened to the sweet ages when I felt like I actually liked them. Of course I love them, you guys. Unconditionally I do. I'm talking about Gil here. Luckily I'm still standing in the sweet cuddly sunlit glow of Egan's Adorable Window: 4. I can describe Gil at 4 years old as equally if not more sweet. Hence his nickname Sweet Boy. But 8? Really? Why are you doing this to me?

I remember babysitting boys Gil's age and grumbling about how annoying they were the entire 5 hours I had to be "responsible" for them. Responsible for me in my babysitting teen years was watching tv, raiding the fridge for junk food (as I was forbidden soda, chips, and sweets most people had on hand after every trip to the grocery store), and talking to my friends on the phone. What an asshole I was. Wait. I still do that.

Now I have one of those.

Jon and I are still trying to figure out if it's his age or genes that has him whining about EVERYTHING, back-talking to EVERY SINGLE directive. Seriously?

And that's what I say to him: "SERIOUSLY Gilmore?!"

I'm running out of fingers and toes to count how many times I send that kid to his room. Only to hear each stomp on every stair; the huff and puff, sobbing cries, and mucous membranes exploding with snot, until his door slams and he continues to wail, intermittently holding the next bawl to hear if I'm coming to kick his ass.

When describing how loudly Gil's been know to snore and breathe, I have figured out he may need to have his tonsils and adenoids checked. I'm beginning to wonder if this duo of the ENT world and lack of proper solid sleep could be contributing to his dickhead behavior during the day.

Of course Jon and I are assured he does not display these antics at school. Quite the opposite, actually. Apparently each classmate worships the ground he walks on, the books he reads, the pictures he draws, the games he plays at recess.

SERIOUSLY, GILMORE?! Let's hope its your goddamned adenoids.


Julie said...

you're not giving me much hope for the next 5 years.....

dallaire said...

Hey. Not enough sleep is a serious problem. Get it checked out.