Tuesday, January 12


2010 has inspired me to redefine a very prominent relationship in my life. Due to divorce, Jon and I have been referring to our new relationship as Partners in Parenting. Considering the other our "partner." Funny how that one word really keeps the people guessing.

Before the wound began to scab I would call Jon my husband or when introducing myself to someone Jon knows: "Jon's wife, Emily." I would justify using these words for simplicity sake. I am learning in my adult life how to provide just enough information when describing something to convey the message while remaining authentic to myself. Does it really matter if the local dairy farmer knows my marital status? He couldn't care less, I'm sure. It's me who cares.

I love waking before the kids to get my work done and enjoy my coffee doing whatever I want.

I am grateful for the clothing I have to keep me warm.

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