Wednesday, January 27

Learning to fly

Amdist my wracked mothering nerves chased by Zoloft, I find myself slowly but surely grasping the importance of financial stability. I know, right?

As Jon and I were wading through the gunk of divorce, I was all, I'M GONNA GO HERE & I'M GONNA GO THERE...AND THERE...AND, AIRLINE TICKETS? $300? I'M THERE!! NEW SHIRT? SHOES? OUTTA MY WAY, JON!

The financial freedom from Jon's stinginess frugality I was experiencing was overwhelming. In my life I've had only ten years of financial education and that was from Jon. No offense, Mom & Dad, but I wasn't exactly prepared for living a financially responsible existence after leaping from your nest. The one piece of advice I still cling to, with one itty bitty pinky tip - but still, was my dad saying after graduating from high school, "DON'T. GET. A. CREDIT. CARD." 5 simple words I carried with me through my life before meeting Jon.

I find it a miracle I actually listened to my dad's advice. Looking back on my late teens and early twenties I cringe at the thought of carrying as much credit card debt as I did cases of beer, packs of cigarettes, and bags of weed. At least I didn't have a credit card.

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DJS said...

I love reading the labels on your posts. They are like little stories in themselves.