Tuesday, May 4

What's good for the goose

Last night I began reading Please, Sir for the virtual book tour I am participating in for my friend Rachel. Meaning, I am going to be providing what I understand to be a literature review of the book. Or at least that's the angle I'm taking.

Speaking of angles, my head took about a 45 degree angle while my eyes widen and my nose crinkles, accompanied by my blushing face. Reading this book is not for the faint of heart. Rather, a reader open to observing another person's hot, steamy, heart-pounding, toe-curling orgasm recount of what it means to be submissive or dominated by someone else. Who ever thought I'd write that in this blog?

Preparing for my review leaves me with a lot of opinions and unanswered questions I'm guessing this audience may refute. Although my angle is from a person far less experienced in this topic, it is coming from a great place of nonjudgment and acceptance.

Now kindly shut Mommy's door so she can continue her stories...

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Emerald said...

As one of the Please, Sir authors, I much look forward to reading your post. :) Thanks!