Tuesday, October 19

Cooking and stuff

Completing the task of Grocery Shopping is so incredibly rewarding. What? Yesterday's post? You're confused? It's like laundry, you guys. An unbearable, neverending task that feels mad-gratifying to complete.

Although I get shit from friends, and my kids' friends, for not having fun, chocolaty, high fructose corn syrup-filled, diabetes onsetting, tooth-rotting treats, I do bend from time to time. Yesterday Egan's "treat" was Transformers fruit snacks. And I'm all Really, kid? That's the best you can do? You poor lamb.

While I'm apprehensive about springing new dishes on my kids, for fear of the rejection of the meal I clearly spent time and energy creating AND them going hungry (yeah right), I went for it. I enjoy reading this woman's blog who has a section called Did They Eat It. She had a recipe that referenced this website. These types of websites were created for people like me: lazy freeloading cooks who like to piggy-back on other people's creations.

Back to the recipe I duped my kids into eating. It looked so yummy in the picture and smelled even better simmering. But it involved citrus, you guys. OJ and apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar that I keep under my sink in one of those giant jugs used solely for dispensing into a small cup combined with dish soap and trapping fruit flies in the summer time. It was the combo of cumin, salt, and pepper coating the slices of pork as it simmered that was divine.

I continued to mourn my failed attempt this morning when I awoke to the same decadent culinary odor. And when I say "failed" I'm talking failing my own expectations. I just don't do that kind of citrus, I guess. The pork, carrots, noodles, and green onions were fantastic. It was the disappointing sauce that leaves me with a Thumbs Down on this one. On the upside, I'm thinking I could hold onto the nummy ingredients and create a whole new sauce. Some day. Maybe. Probably not. Oh, who am I kidding.

Tomorrow is going to be a slow cooker french dip recipe. Anything simmered in beer all day should be right up my alley.


DJS said...

Here's what I hate.

First you have to handle the food as you put it in the cart.

Then you have to handle the food as you put it on the conveyor belt.

(In the old days I'd have to handle the food as I put it in the bag, but I do full-service grocery stores these days)

Then I have to handle the food as I put it in the trunk.

Then I have to handle the food as I take it from the trunk to the kitchen.

Then I have to handle the food as I put it away.

By the time I'm done, I am so damn SICK of my groceries, I don't care if I never see them again.

Unless I bought ice-cream or snack-cakes.

Carol said...

Perhaps you could try this one. The Hugheses enjoy it.
EASY. I promise.