Thursday, October 14

On bras. And breast cancer.

Lots of hubub about SAVE THE BOOBS! with October being breastcancer awareness month. So I bought myself a couple of nice new bras. I lied. My purchase has actually nothing whatsoever to do with breastcancer or any kind of awareness. I just wanted to feel better about my chest in certain tops.

I've always appreciated the simplicity of an unpadded, underwire demi bra. This time I went with padded. And it's taking some getting used to.

When I look down? I can't see past "my" boobs to the shirt falling below them. I can even catch them out of the corner of my eye sometimes. If I brush up against them with my arm, it sounds like styrofoam. Plus, you guys? I'm used to being able to tell that these, in fact, are my breasts.

A girlfriend of mine and I once discussed having boobs on the smaller end of the spectrum. When we put them in padded bras, there's this unnatural "shelf" that is created between where my chest ends and the padding begins.

But hey. In honor of breastcancer awareness month, and for all you gals who have struggled with or survived having breast cancer, I'll continue to give myself monthly self-exams and be grateful I have healthy boobs, regardless of how I dress them.

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