Monday, November 15

Day 15: Bedtime shenanigans

Never am I disappointed with our bedtime routine. Sure some nights are better than others, like when your mom's visiting from out of town and you're all, I've got this great idea where GRANDMA gets to read you a STORY! while my feet are up, beer's in one hand as the other's fondling the remote to find out if Jersey Shore, Intervention, or Real Houswives (of ANYWHERE but Atlanta) is on. Instead only, The Little Couple with 19 Kids and Counting Kate Plus 8 is Enough...what? is on. Jesus TLC, what show won't you do?

Tonight's funny was delivered by Egan. Once snuggled into bed, I asked him if he remembered to pee. I could see him running through the whole night in his head, considering how full his bladder really is and could he make it til morning. After pensively looking up at the ceiling, he said, "Nope. But I will right now."

Just as he was scampering out, he stops dead center in the middle of the room and turns toward his bed, all admiring like.

Egan: Don't you just love my bed?
Me: Of course I do, don't you?
Egan: Mmm-hmmmm...

[He disapprovingly shifts his glance to Gil's bed where I'm lying, waiting for Gil to return from wherever so we can READ ALREADY - the bedtime routine? IT DRAGS ON AND ON AND ON AND ON...]

All bershon, Egan points at Gil's eternally disheveled bed: Why is Gil's bed always so crumbly?

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