Tuesday, December 14

Our goings on

I do believe NaBloPoMo 2010 was the greatest successful flop I've ever achieved. What's with that, anyway? I mean, during my morning showers is when I come up with most of my content and by the time I actually sit down to put it all together... well... I just don't.

In other news, raising 'tweens has sucked the majority of my creativity clean dry. Yes, I will toss Gil into the Tween category because even though he's 9? He plays 12 really REALLY well.

Gil pointing and shouting tearfull at Allie: YOU, ALRIGHT?! I LEARNED IT BY WATCHING YOU!

Do you guys remember that awesome drug commercial from our youth? The boy air drumming or whatever in his poster laden room, interrupted by his dad who disapprovingly shoves his kid's stash in his face. The boy lowers his headphones, or whatever, and shouts, YOU, ALRIGHT?! I LEARNED IT BY WATCHING YOU!

My dad and I still say that to each other. You may recall his comment on my post about pet peeves.

Back to my kids. After a long, and I mean LONG, Thanksgiving break, I decided to declare authority once again and forbid tv watching. [insert evil witch cackle here] That's right. I FORBODE it. I think that's the first time I've ever used that word. My kids were certifiably awful. I lost all touch with my them. And yes, I blame those stupid Disney twins, Hannah Montana, and Allie sneaking E! and way too much TLC. And by TLC I mean Sarah Palin, Kate Goselin, and those little people. And the family with a million kids.


soggibottom said...

Never had drug commercials in England in my Youth.. am I missing something ! ?
Or lucky ?

Doug said...

Here you go

Anonymous said...

We announced to Ethan recently that he will never use or watch an electronic gadget ever again under our roof. Ever. We let that sink in and watched the devastation as he wailed and sobbed. Then we said UNLESS you earn it the day before. It has been wonderful. We claim it as a new policy and you know how I love policies!!! Love, J.