Thursday, November 4

Day 4: On giving in

I've been contemplating purchasing a Wii for the kids for Christmas this year. I guess it's actually a gift to the entire family because, have you guys played one? Those game-games they have on those things? We all take turns bowling or playing outfield while the other bats. And those adorable bobbing little Mii's. What drives me nuts is the tennis part. Why is it always doubles?

The tough question is What about other game systems? I buy Macs, iPods, iPhones, organic, free range...I'm definitely not a PC person or a Blackberry addict. Nor do I shop at Wal Mart. Wouldn't purchasing a PS-whatever-the-number be like buying an American car? Living in a subdivision? Voting Republican? Eating Wonder bread?

To me the logical choice along the vein of consumerism that pumps through my body is the Wii.

Should I do it?


DJS said...

Laurel is an Applehead, and wii was her choice of poison. So if Laurel likes them, they have to be iCool.

esquiress said...

yeah, all your kids are ages that would really dig it. and if there are enough games where they can play together, makes sense.

and, you know, if you need any extra players, you got at least two handfuls right down the street!