Tuesday, June 6

Memorial Weekend

The Sprinter forged her way across state lines this past Memorial Weekend. Accompanied by Grandma T, the kids and I headed east to Chicago to meet up with Jon and spend the weekend as a family with Joe, Steph, Louie, and Miles. As always, the kids had an absolute blast visiting the Zoo, going to the questionably safe beach (ecoli levels are still low this early in the season), and of course the simplicity of a garden hose, a sprinkler, and the irreplaceable company of kick ass cousins. It's fun to watch Miles join in the revelry of the older three, keeping up quite well I might add. He's not the baby anymore. Now Egan watches in astonishment from afar. He'll get right in there next year, no doubt.

We grown-ups also had a nice visit replete with Joe's lowbrow jokes and jabs. He still had the energy even after having studied for his financial certification test all day Saturday and Sunday. Steph successfully completed her couple-hundred-hour certification for yoga instruction. She's something, that Steph...and quite bendy too! And Jon and I moved him out of his college-style apartment, loading up every last article, including the heirloom family table, in the Sprinter.

As a finale, Johnnie's (regular? juicy?) beefs were successfully transported back to Joe and Steph's for a scrumptious Sunday lunch. Although disappointingly, they forgot the requested hot peppers.

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