Monday, April 21

You know what I love?

That my neighbors are finally dismantling their hideous flagpole.

Before you go getting your red, white, and blues in a bunch, I have absolutely nothing against my ethnocentric bully-run country. It was the ever-burning incandescent flood lamp blazing up at it twenty-four hours a day, also graciously illuminating my bedroom as if we were the spotlight landing pad for the Mother Ship.

Their porch light is also lit twenty-four hours a day but with a compact flourescent. I don't care if you can burn those babies for fifty YEARS, it still shines in my bedroom at night re-directing plane traffic from the local airport.

I would have unplugged that one too if I could have figured out how.


Tara n' Josh said...

Hey Em, just catching up on your blog and each post has me lol. And I like your new cartoon design. You have your finger on the pulse, girl. Can't wait to see you next month! Call me sometime. besos, tara you check those live feeds? a little big brother, but cool, i guess.

barnmouse said...

Ugh, our backyard neighbors leave their deck light on all night, illuminating our ceiling. I'm one bad night's sleep away from installing some halogen lamps on the back of our house pointing directly into their bedroom.