Thursday, May 1

The King

Driving home last night I noticed a new billboard while waiting at an intersection: The King is Kickin' It Late Night.

Night may have been spelled nite. I can't remember. I'm still laughing inside that this is how Burger King is advertising. Let's discuss, shall we?

The phrase "kickin' it late night" is something I understand. Do you? I believe I have used that very phrase in many a conversation in my fairly current lifetime.

Remember that online advertisement for Burger King where you could "tell" the man dressed in a chicken suit what to do and he'd do it?

Somehow I'm getting the idea that Burger King is putting all of its stock into generation X, more likely Y. Assuming advertising really works, I'm picturing the Zs (hi guys!) driving down 1st Street and seeing this billboard. What if they're interested in a quick burger before heading home and Burger King is their only option? They see the creepy King face, and I know you all know what I'm talking about, alerting them that's what's 'two miles ahead and turn right.'

Now imagine them seeing The King telling them he's kickin' it late night.

He is? What is it he's kicking?

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