Sunday, March 7

On self-awareness

I just want to point out that I am working really hard over here on this "self evolving" thing. Do you realize how exhausting it can be, having an awareness of how you choose to live your life? How you choose to react to various stimuli? Did you know you actually have control over all of these things? I know, right?! ME TOO!

And now I'm attempting my next trick by going through life without drinking...a lot.


tara said...

I am glad you didnt say "not drinking ever" I was really hoping to have you as my fellow mama with a beer in hand on a hot summers day as the children ran around the yard, probably naked.

What, we have control? I thought the universe ran everything, or the moon.. I think you are awesome and I always learn from you, the stunted conversations among chasing children that we have.

Keep up the evolving. I am always a short walk away if you wanna chat!

Anonymous said...

Just remember. It's not about drinking or not drinking it's about not having regrets and enjoying life to the fullest.

And mistakes don't have to be regrets....depending on how you react they are just learning experiences.

oh...and a learning experience I have hard alcohol anymore...just beer. lol. That is something that took awhile to learn.

Life is supposed to be fun...which can take many forms. Even if responsibility calls.

Just my two cents. :-)

Good luck!