Wednesday, December 15

On keeping it real. Very very real.

If you feel like reading a cheerful humorous tale of this and that, this post is not for you.

So far I've been pretty candid about my experience with divorce. Continuing to honor that, I will say that I have been a fool. Me being naive and underestimating this whole thing is nothing new. But I actually thought this new fangled divorce process was going to work for us. What I've realized is it takes two people to make forging a new, revolutionary, path successful.

My cheeks burn right now with frustration, anger, and hurt. If this bothers you to hear this? Think of how I feel.

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esquiress said...

hang in there lady friend. you know this-how you can only control your own actions, your own words. Do what you can, the best that you can. And because you are willing to meet in the middle and even further, doesn't mean the other party can or will. I am learning this lesson, too.

Know that I highly respect you for your strength, your will, level headedness, selflessness, and your sense of humor, even in times of great frustration. Sending love!